Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Pea Salad with Radishes and Feta Cheese

I'm reading reports from other parts of the world, especially from my friends in Russia, about being buried under piles of snow in March and thinking about how lucky I am to live in Texas. Hot summers do not bother me one bit. We could do with less humidity, but I'll take that over cold winters any day. This week is the warmest yet, with temperatures hovering around 80F, even reaching 84F yesterday - a preview of what's to come later in the spring. And. I. Love. It.

Some people are already braving the waters of the Gulf in their bikinis, but I will limit myself to burying my toes in the sand for the time being.

On hot March days the pool is tantalizingly inviting but the water is still too cold to swim. What we CAN do though is enjoy spending time on the back patio - reading, eating, listening to music. Grilling, of course. And the watermelons are finally here, nice and sweet.

One perfect accompaniment to grilled meat or fish and a perfect spring dish is this green pea salad with radishes and feta cheese. It features Russia's favorite herb - dill. The combination of the dill, radishes and the tartness of feta makes me think of okroshka, definitely the favorite spring soup and always the sign of warmer weather. Radishes are usually among the first local produce to appear in Russia after the long winter.

Of course, being a "naturalized Texan," I added a little local flavor by using lime juice in the simple vinaigrette.

Green Pea Salad with Radishes and Feta Cheese

Serves 4 as a side dish

2 cups frozen peas, defrost in microwave and cool completely
8 large radishes, thinly sliced
1/4 cup arugula
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh dill
1 cup feta cheese, preferably fresh Bulgarian
juice of 1 large lime or 2 small limes
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
freshly ground black pepper

Carefully toss together peas, radishes, arugula, dill and feta. Whisk lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to emulsion. Use this vinaigrette to dress the salad. Serve immediately.


  1. I am a summer girl too! This salad looks so bright and refreshing and feta is one of my fav cheese.

    1. I discovered fresh Bulgarian feta recently, and it is divine!

      Thank you kankana for the nice words :).

  2. We're on the same page with the peas today...your salad just screams spring with the baby greens and the radishes. Love the toes, too :)

  3. it is always a pleasure to see your food photos!

  4. Hi there. The current Food on Friday on Carole's Chatter is collecting links to dishes using peas and/or green beans. I do hope you link this in. This is the link . Please do check out some of the other links – there are some good ones already. Cheers

  5. Alina, thanks for linking up to Food on Friday. I have signed up to follow you and hope you follow me back. See you soon. Happy Easter

  6. Oh, the Texas heat. Indeed, it is coming. I don't do well in heat so I am thriving and trying to squeeze everything outdoors-y into this beautiful spring. I saw all the watermelons at the grocer as well...amazing to see watermelons so soon. I haven't been lucky enough to spot any of those meyer lemons yet but I am so intrigued by all of the CA blogs that use them all the time.

  7. Hi Alina,
    The salad was light and wonderful. It was very satisfying together with your yellow pea soup.


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