About Me

Hi there. My name is Alina. When I come across a blog that catches my attention, I always check out the "About Me" page because I am curious to see the person behind the writing. So I figured I should introduce myself to my readers too.

I grew up in Russia but as a college student moved to the US. I write about modern Russian cuisine because I wish there was more information in the English language sources about what Russians actually eat today. I offer the recipes that have been tested here in my Texas kitchen and will work with the ingredients that are available in the US.

But I also love all the wonderful variety that you can find in the US. So you'll see me deviating into the fun world of experimentation with the ingredients and dishes that are completely unrelated to the foods found in Russia. I hope you will follow me on my journey.

P.S. I often get asked what equipment I use and how I get my photos to look this way. I shoot with Canon 5D MarkII and 24-70 mm L lens. I tend to favor 70mm/F2.8. I shoot RAW then process in Lightroom and Photoshop. My images have an analog look and feel to them, but they are all digital.

The images you see in my blog are available for purchase in high resolution. Please contact me at redstartolonestar@gmail.com.

Please do not use my images without my explicit permission. Thank you!
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